Media Council Reacts

Someone from the Media Council saw and replied to my protest note.

Victor Bwire Kimani,
Chech on our website, there is arts and culture category, even last year the category was there. Download and send in your application for the category

Thank you very much for taking time but I don’t think what Victor Bwire is saying correct.

Unless I am missing something, the listed categories are:

  • The ICT and Telecommunications’ Reporting Award;
  • The Children and Youth Affairs Reporting Award;
  • The Gender Reporting Award;
  • The Environment Reporting Award;
  • The Sports Reporting Award;
  • The Tourism Reporting Award;
  • The Photographer of the Year Award;
  • The Cartoonist of the Year Award;
  • The Business Reporting Award;
  • The Good Governance Reporting Award;
  • The Young Journalist of the Year Award;
  • The Reporter of the Year Award;
  • The Cameraman of the Year Award;
  • The Health Reporting Award;
  • The Digital Journalism Award;
  • The Free Press Kenya Award;
  • The Television and News Bulletin Award; and
  • The Journalist of the Year Award.

This is also what you added to the statement that you released and posted.—

“A new category has been introduced in line with the Council’s mandate of promoting press freedom. The Free Press Kenya Award will seek to recognise efforts made by journalists to promote, contribute and propagate press freedom in the country.

Other new categories are: The Tourism Reporting Award, the Digital Journalism Award and the Television and News Bulletin Award which will replace last year’s Best News Anchor of the Year – Television Award.”

The Council has also introduced the Digital Journalism Award in recognition that new and emerging technology has greatly impacted on modern day journalism. The award will recognise journalists who show the ability to creatively use new media or online platforms to package and present powerful stories that affect peoples’ lives.

There will be two entry categories for the awards namely: Individual and Group news production (Producers and Cameramen).”

So just what am I missing?

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