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  1. Am impressed you have Maddo’s Miguel Sede artworks on your Blog! I agree with you,& go further to say this should screenplayed into a Series!

  2. Special Invitation to all the filmmakers from:
    Puerto Rican International Film Festival & Convention

    Special Invitation to all the Filmmakers:

    Name of the Festival: Puerto Rican International Film Festival & Convention

    Synosipis of the festival:

    In this festival is not a usual like others because is going to be ant the same time, a convention to all the filmmakers around the world. And also we are going to have work-shops, products exhibitions, seminars and much more.

    In this Festival we are goin to have a varius program:

    Part I

    Academic Program:

    Work-Shop and Seminars
    Staring: Thursday, June, 6 of 2013
    End: Saturday, June, 8 of 2013

    Works – Shops
    Writing – Sponsors by Final Draft
    Editing (Final Cut Pro)
    Acting for Camara
    Distribution Local and International
    How to apply the 20% Tax Credit from Puerto Rican Film Commission?
    What’s new on the cinematography thecnology by Sony

    Part II

    Local Tourism:

    In this Case is only for the filmmakers who is coming to our film festival. And we are going to give them a local tourism.

    Staring: Wednesday, June, 5 of 2013
    Ending: Thursday, June, 6 of 2013

    Part III

    Movies Presentation:
    Staring: Thursday, June, 6, of 2013
    Ending: Sunday, June, 9, of 2013
    Time: 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM

    Part IV:

    We are going to have for three days a special exhibition products from difference film company:

    Staring: Thursday, June, of 2013
    Ending: Saturday, June, 8 of 2013
    Time: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

    Part IV:

    In this case if you have any new film project and you are looking for international and local distribution you are goin to have two days to you can present your film project.
    Staring: Friday, June 5, of 2013
    Ending: Saturday, June, 6, of 2013
    Time: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

    Categories of Puerto Rican International Film Festival & Convention

    Future Film: ( Horror, Drama, Thriller, Suspenses, Sci- Fi, Comedy, Action, Biography)

    ShorFilms( Max: 50 minutes)

    Documentary; (Futures Films, ShortFilms, Experimental)

    Animation: (Future Films and Short Films)

    Coquí Awards:

    Best Movie of PRIFFC: $10,000.00
    Best Short Film of PRIFFC: $ 5,000.00
    Best Documentary Film of PRIFFC $ 5,000.00
    Best Animation Film of PRIFFC: $ 5,000.00

    Please Follow us at:

    Or email us at

  3. Hey Brother!

    I hope you have fully recovered from the programme and the festival itself by now!I am well thanx.I am going through your blogs and i love them.I am amazed at the depth of the type of issues around art in the sub-region,and your insight into art in general.Keep up the fantastic work bro!

    PS:I have not read anything from the jazz fest.Is there anything posted already,or not at this juncture? Please if there is or when you do please post me a message.


    Daluxolo Moloantoa

  4. Hey brother!

    Hope you have fully recovered b now from the shenanigans of the CT Jazz Fest programme and the festival itself.I am going through your blogs,great in-depth work you are doing here bro.I am really blown by your diligent insight into art in tne sub-region.Keep it up!

    PS: I have not read anything from the festival.Have you got anything on the blogs featured already?

    Warmest regards,

    Daluxolo Moloantoa

  5. By the way , tough am in a different field,that is health insurance,the idea that we share some of the things in common delights a lot. The day I will be visiting Nairobi,I will have to
    look for you en may be able to purchase the arts that s if you sell them.

  6. Hi Kim.Am an appreciator of fine art en your arts speaks volumes.

    The mosaic are fine brother.I don’t know to draw but art and culture have been my
    Calling on Mlungu
    adoration for quite along time.This is something sir.

    Thanks for your works.

  7. Good afternoon Kimani,

    The Kenya Embassy in D.C. is trying to get in touch with Ms. Yvonne Muinde and was hoping you have her contact details or email address?

    We really would appreciate your help in contacting her.

    Warmest regards,


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