About Msanii Kimani

Msanii Kimani is the founder and editor-in-chief of Kymsnet Media Network, Kenya’s premier arts and culture news and features agency.

He has published numerous news articles, features, interviews and commentaries in the Kenya and international scene. He has written extensively about cartoonists and comics in Kenya. His articles have been published by the International Journal of Comic Art ((IJOCA)— http://www.ijoca.com). He was the regional Editor of the online music portal www.musicinafrica.netwhen the project was set up.

An ardent advocate for Arts Journalism, Msanii Kimani has attended and helped to organize numerous workshops and training forums for young journalists, who want take up art journalism. He works closely with up-coming writers to originate and develop story ideas in culture and the arts— music, film, theatre, dance, literature, fine art etc.

His other work include Utimbakwiri, an unpublished stage play adaptation of Shamba la Wanyama, a translation of George Orwell’s satire Animal Farm, for the Kenya Institute of Education, poems published in Echoes Across The Valley— An Anthology of Poems from East Africa.

Msanii Kimani has vast experience working with Non Governmental Organisations that are involved in human rights, culture and the arts, women and children’s rights and health issues particularly HIV/AIDS.

Prior to joining the mainstream media, he worked as a folk media expert. He worked as an actor, researcher and animator with communication companies that use Participatory/Interactive Theatre and Folk Media concepts to design and execute community educational, mobilisation and development programs for civic rights awareness, children’s rights, reproductive health, advocacy, gender sensitisation, human rights and rehabilitation of street persons.

Msanii Kimani is an artist and has excelled as a scriptwriter, playwright, an actor, published poet and theatre director.

Msanii Kimani wa Wanjiru is a seasoned media and communication buff with an unapologetic bias to Culture and the Arts. He is passionate about arts and culture and he has made significant contributions in the culture/arts policy formulation and discourse, as an analyst/commentator, culture/arts journalist, blogger and editor.

22 thoughts on “About Msanii Kimani

  1. Hi Kym!
    So good to read about your various achievements, admirable talents and contributions to the world of art. Keep up the good work my friend!

  2. its refreshing to see that there is someone who still believes that there is need to share the arts scene with the rest of the world. this blog is overdue for a long time. watatu gallery is revived, the godown arts studio is on fire. this is the direction we want the arts and culture to progress. we need to drop the familiar lamentation blaming the government for not advancing the arts. its good they have enshrined the arts in the constitution but it will take more than constitutional postulation to make gains in this field. the field is definitely limited and it will take the concerted effort of all lovers of the arts to push the envelops a few yards into that epoch called unlimited and progressive. keep up the positive vibration kimani and don not let go the struggle. warriors don not drop the spears on Sunday. i would love an interview on tony mochuma, patrick mukabi,churchill,eric omondi, nameless,mumbi kaigwa, cartoonis vindula,redykulass crew. ogopa deejay, mejja,kalamashaka, etc. keep the fire blazing. mo faya

  3. Hi Kimani, nice of you to keep us posted. I’m so glad you’re persuing all your passions and at the same time it’s such a treat to your followers. Good to see and hear from you again. Keep going Kimani!I see old Bra’ Hugh is still a firm favourite!:)

    • Hi Harriet, nice to hear from you and thank for all the compliments. Yeah, Bra Hugh is still a firm favo and the pix also reminds of Ct and the great people I met there. It was nice and am still trying to put in place all the lessons Gwen taught us. It is enjoyable and the response from readers quite encouraging. The net is awesome space to write stories that interest somebody and you can write them without fearing that some editor will not use it or change it all together. Lets stay in touch.

  4. Hi Kimani, this is so great! i am thrilled to now be onto you kweli!! wonderful that you are doing this work, so very needed! and very exciting. good that you are sharing your language skills. also essential…i just wrote a long overdue recommendation which i only saw today at linkin, which i rarely read. somehow i hadnt seen it before….anyway, i love what you are doing and support you 1000%. i hope to be in kenya a.s.a.p. in the interim, i trust you to keep track of the arts scene for all of us. did you go to safaricom gallery? do tell!

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