The Laureates @ the Dak’Art 2014 Biennale

The names of the winners Dak’Art 2014 Biennale laureates we made public during the official launch of the festival that was presided over by the Senegalese Prime Minister Madam Aminata Toure. The prizes giving ceremony took place at the Grand Theatre, Dakar.

The Prime Minister was accompanied by the top officer from the Culture and Heritage Ministry that organizes the art festival every two years. The Ministry officials who graced the opening ceremony included Mr. Abdoul Aziz Mbaye, Minister of Culture and Heritage, Ms. Thérèse Turpin Diatta, president of the orientation committee of Dak’Art and Mr. Abdelkader Damani, the curator representing the Dak’Art 2014 biennale jury. The event was also attended by Morocco’s Minister of Culture Mohammed Amine Sbihi

The laureates were:

  • Grand Prize: The Léopold Sédar Senghor: (awarded by the President of Senegal) went to Driss Ouadahi (Algeria) & Olu Amoda (Nigeria);
  • The Minister of Culture and Heritage Prize:— Justine Gaga (Cameroon);
  • The International Organization of the Francophone Prize:— Sidy Diallo (Senegal);
  • The City of Dakar Prize (that is given by the Mayor of Dakar):— Faten Rouissi (Tunisia);
  • The Blachère Foundation Prize:— Milumbe Haimbe (Zambia);
  • The Oumar Ndao Prize for the Biennale of Contemporary African Art of Dakar:— (awarded by Vives Voix):— Amary Sobel Diop (Senegal);
  • The West African Economic and Monetary Union Prize:— Guibril André Diop (Senegal);
  • The National Studio of Contemporary Art Prize:— (awarded by Le Fresnoy, France) Nomusa Makhubu (South Africa);
  • The Centre Soleil d’Afrique Prize: — Houda Ghorbel (Tunisia).

You can also read some more about the winners and view some of their work at the Dak’Art 2014 by clicking here:

Laureates of the grand prize i.e. Léopold Sédar Senghor Prize since 1992

  • 1992: Moustapha Dimé, Senegal and Zerihun Yetmgeta, Ethiopia;
  • 1996: Abdoulaye Konaté, Mali;
  • 1998: Viyé Diba, Senegal;
  • 2000: Fatma Charfi, Tunisia;
  • 2002: Ndary Lo, Senegal;
  • 2004: Michèle Magema, Congo RDC;
  • 2006: Mounir Fatmi, Morocco;
  • 2008: Ndary Lo, Sénégal and Mansour Ciss Kanakassy, Senegal;
  • 2010: Moridja Kitenge Banza, Congo RDC;
  • 2012: Younés Baba-Ali, Morocco.

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