The Past, Present and Future Concert

Mercy MyraThis is promising to be a fun filled night at the tranquil Carnivore Simba Saloon.The Past, Present and Future Concert” bringing together the voices of the past, present and future. The divas of soul, Mercy Myra (past), who has not been seen on stage for over a decade and an African golden voice Atemi (Present), will scotch the stage, paving way for a new, promising artist, Dela (Future).Atemi

Organised by the Taurus Group and sponsored by Absolut Vodka, the event set to be staged on September 7 hopes to introduce the youth to an entirely different but brilliant genre of music. “Our dream is to create memorable parties and lifestyle events that will make excellent TV content”. Diana Otieno Events manager with Taurus pointed out.SONY DSC

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