2 thoughts on “Ibeba – Tabu Ley

  1. Yes in deed the song had its hights, it hit the top of most music requests clubs, studios, homes and even in public transport it featured.
    I liked the last part of the song where the singer says repeatedly like a chorus

    ‘Ibeba ….lelo, tokobongisa lobi/sima’
    This translates to ‘ Finish/ spoil today we will fix tomorrow/ latter’.
    It is a great hit with great words of wisdom.

    the singer, in a dream feels that the mother inlaw has gone to a witch doctor to seek power so that he separates with the daughter. ‘Libala ekoti bondoki/bonganga naloti mama nayo azali kongala akangi liputa ya pembe’.
    Talaka na sima yokanga makambo ya mobali nayo. look behind and see your husband words. tha is the singer’s advice to the said wife.

    more melodious beats follw with more words of wisdom.
    Great work.

  2. This was one of the biggest hits in East and Central Africa. In Kenya, there were several “salaams” clubs that went by this name and the often requested this song. A golden era by a great musician from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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