9 thoughts on “Pesa Position Na Yo (Madilu) – Franco & le TPOK Jazz Télé Zaire …

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    Who on Earth has not heard and liked this song.’pesa position nayo’?.give me your position/stand.

    Here Madilu syastem sings to request the actual love status from Angela,

    love is in me is too much it will make me sick-bolingo eleki ngai
    The world is full of things that leaves him in thoughts,-mokili ngai makambo ebele
    when a man loves,-mobali tango lingaka
    when a heart loves-motenma tango elingalka.
    he never turns back-,azongaka sima te
    I pity myself-namileli nzoto nanga
    I devided body/love with satan.-namikabi na satana

    The song is rich in quality beats.
    The singer desrves a serious right hand shake.
    he says’

    pesa ngai mbote na loboko ya mobali’ this translates to great me with the right hand.

    Thumbs up for Madilu system(RIP)

    • It would have been better giving the whole translation of the song in English instead of a few scattered lines here and there.There are spelling mistakes in your lingala words e.g.Instead of Motema-Motenma.Translate the whole song for the sake of those who would want to know each and every word instead of a few lines.

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