Artistic Impression of the Referendum

The latest constitution making attempt for Kenya has trudged and while it has been marked by the usual circus and self interest, the determination to get a new dispensation has been impressive.

For the first time, the Mother law will have space for culture and the arts that is considered by many in the sector as the thread that weaves around all the pillars that the constitution has been built on.

The process has entered a final and critical stage that will no doubt light up the whole country. The various sides that will see us have or not have a new constitution after the referendum are taking shape but everyone is hoping that it will not be as divisive as the 2005 one.

At the 2005 plebiscite, the country was divided into two fiercely opposed sides tagged Bananas and Oranges that did not only divide the cabinet but the entire country. This was captured by men and women of letters. Bertiers, an illustrious artist captured it well.

Here is an artistic impression of the 2005 Referendum. How will this year’s event be captured?

The Referendum

The referendum

How would you caption these?

1 thought on “Artistic Impression of the Referendum

  1. well it maybe a litlle different as the Orange & Banana supporters in 2005 are not dancing to the same tune due to reasons known to us as speculations but well outlined in status circles.
    I pray that God provides directions for Kenya as a Nation and that the Kenyan people have read it and will be of sound mind as they cast vote for the referendum.

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